Jay Purdom – Physiotherapist

At Auburn St Physio Takapuna, Jay Purdom is a “hands on” musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 25 years experience. Jay started working on the shore in 1998 in private practice and at the Wilson Home School. Jay has been a clinical educator for AUT post graduate physiotherapy students and has also taught physiotherapy in Canada, St. Lucia and India. Jay has treated Olympic and international representatives but is just as happy treating common aches and pains for members of his community. Jay has played many sports at a high level and has suffered a number of injuries himself, which has helped him gain a better understanding of the physiotherapy process.

Jay now enjoys staying active with his young family and his wife Bre (also a physiotherapist at Auburn St Physiotherapy). As well as a physiotherapy degree, Jay has a masters degree in Health Practice (Physiotherapy), a post graduate degree in Manipulative physiotherapy, and a human physiology degree. One of Jay’s career highlights was being asked to treat the Dalai Lama while volunteering in India.


Bre Purdom – Physiotherapist/PT

Bre Purdom has 19 years of physiotherapy experience. Before returning to NZ in 2014 she was living on Vancouver Island, Canada. She was working at both a hospital and in a multidisciplinary sports clinic. Bre’s practice focuses on manual therapy accompanied by tailored rehab exercise programs. Bre is also a certified personal trainer.

Bre recently completed a course in dry needling (acupuncture).

Bre is passionate about making sure the client understands their individual injury, knowing how the injury occurred and what needs to be done to prevent it from reoccurring. She competed at a national level in gymnastics, and is also a certified coach and judge who enjoys working with children. For 3 years Bre was one of the coaches for the Vodafone Warriors cheerleaders. Bre loves to travel and hopes to do more physio related volunteer work in the future. She walks to Takapuna market every Sunday and you will quite often find her at the beach with her 3 children (Finn, Taya and Lily) and her husband Jay.

Jay and Bre’s goal is to make physiotherapy accessible to

all members of the Takapuna community, and have some fun while doing it!