At Auburn St Physiotherapy we want to make our treatments accessible to all members of our community. That is why we have chosen to provide our physiotherapy with minimal fees. New ACC patients have the first 3 visits with no fees or surcharges. All following treatments have a surcharge of $10.

We cover all manner of accidents and a wide range of injuries.

We also offer a few free treatments each week to members of the community who are not entitled to ACC and cannot gain funding through other health organisations.


New patients: No fees or surcharges for the first 3 visits, then there is a $10 surcharge thereafter.

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment under ACC (60 mins)
Physiotherapy Treatment under ACC (30 min)
Physiotherapy Treatment under ACC (45 min)
Physiotherapy Treatment under ACC (60 min)

We also see private patients

Private Physiotherapy Initial Assessment (60 mins) $80
Private Physiotherapy (30 min) $40
Private Physiotherapy (45 min) $55
Private Physiotherapy (60 min) $80


24 hours notice MUST be given for cancelling an appointment. If no notice has been received, then there is a $30 cancellation fee due.


If you have been injured in the last 12 months, and can name the time and place of the injury, ACC will cover your claim, and your treatment from us will carry no additional charge for ACC patients. It doesn’t matter if your injury happened while playing sport or training, at home, at work, in the garden, or while driving. All you have to do is come in and see us. We will provide you with the correct ACC forms, and help you fill them out. We will then send the forms to ACC for processing.

NO DOCTORS REFERRAL NECESSARY ( although we recommend keeping your Doctor informed).

If you need more information or help regarding ACC claims you can contact ACC on 0800 101 996
or email Auburn St Physio Takapuna from our Contact Page.